About Us

About Us

Our Children Your Future is a group of parents, dedicated citizens and community leaders working hard to inform you and everyone else, about the critical needs of our Mishawaka school system. We want you to know that the referenda on the November 8 election ballot is vital to our city’s future.

You deserve to understand the need to vote ‘YES’ twice. A ‘YES’ vote twice means our Mishawaka schools, will finally receive money that’s needed to make necessary safety and security upgrades to keep our children safe. All of us agree about the importance of safety for Mishawaka children.

A ‘YES’ vote twice will also help level the playing field compared to other nearby school systems because we’ll be able to make necessary technology improvements that our children need to be competitive in today’s world. It’s more than just an issue of fairness. And it’s just one more thing that we all agree on.

We simply must raise the standards for our Mishawaka schools compared to other nearby schools. Our city depends upon it. Our children deserve it.

For the past 2 years School City of Mishawaka’s (SCM’s) new leadership has been working closely with us (parents, teachers, business owners, home owners and board members) to identify the needs of our schools. It’s been hard work. But it’s been good work.

Experts were hired to assess the needs of our schools. They studied our technology and our facilities. The results of their work were shared at many open meetings by the SCM administration and the Community Collaborating Committee.

The meetings were completely transparent. Nothing was held back.

The result? It was clear that Mishawaka needs to level the playing field for our students. We need to invest in tools and programs to the level of other successful school systems – especially nearby school systems.

So today, after two years of work, we’ve developed a responsible financial plan that makes sense. It’s a plan that meets the needs of our Mishawaka Schools and every citizen in the city of Mishawaka – a plan that will help level the playing field for our children and improve our city by thoughtfully allocating for needed improvements to improve educational opportunities for our children.

But, in order to make it happen – in order to level the playing field by meeting these vital needs – we need your support. We need you to vote ‘YES’ twice to both referendum questions on the November 8 election ballot.