With Your Vote

Voting “YES” twice on the November referenda ballot will fund safety and security measures, capital improvements, provide upgraded technology for our students, adjust student class sizes and stabilize the compensation of our employees. This is an investment in our children, this city and your future. Here is a brief summary of how the capital request for funds will be used, along with a chart identifying the funding each school will receive for safety and security.

Capital Request

Like any home or building we can extend the life of our Mishawaka school buildings by maintaining and repairing them regularly. But right now, we are behind. Some of our buildings are in critical need of repair. Many of the mechanicals are decades old and too costly to use. Our student safety and security systems are inadequate. We need to fix these problems and level the playing field compared to other nearby schools so that we will continue to recruit and grow our student population.

How will School City of Mishawaka spend the dollars on capital improvements?


  • Secure entryways and vestibules at each school to control access to the building

  • Purchase and install locks on each classroom door that can be locked from the inside

  • Replace emergency communications systems

  • Purchase and operate security cameras throughout all buildings

  • Purchase a new, more efficient telephone system for all buildings

  • Upgrade fire alarm systems

  • Repair or replace leaky roofs

  • Repair or replace leaky windows and doors

  • Upgrade to more efficient heating and cooling (HVAC) systems

  • Repair building foundations, basic structural systems, walls and surfaces

  • Upgrade electrical capacity

  • Elevator upgrades

  • Parking lot paving

  • Replace Steele field lights with more energy efficient alternative