Yes, I will help level the playing field. 

Mishawaka schoolchildren are important to me. They are important to the future of my city. And they deserve a learning environment that is safe, secure and up-to-date with the kind of technology and programs that other nearby school systems already have.

I understand that it’s time to make a significant investment in our buildings so that they will be more efficient and won’t deteriorate beyond repair. I understand that it’s time to invest in technology for our students and teachers. And I understand that there’s simply no other source of funding. The November referendum is our only option.

I will support the referendum campaign. Any donation amount to support the School City of Mishawaka Political Action Committee (PAC) is appreciated. The money donated to the SCM PAC will be used to purchase yard signs, mailing materials, phone banks, print materials to be provided to registered school city voters and other communication tools. No taxpayer dollars can be used for these items. To see who makes up the SCM PAC, click here.

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