Your Cost

There are two questions on the ballot to make the necessary improvements in our schools which will level the playing field for our children compared to other nearby school districts.

The Capital request will cover the repairs and improvements needed to make our buildings safe and secure. This tax will be for 15 years (2018-2032).

The Operating levy will pay for new technology for students and teachers and improve teacher and staff compensation. This tax will be for 7 years (2017-2023).


School leadership has worked for several years to cut costs and bring in additional funds.

  • Bonds have been refinanced for better interest rates

  • Healthcare costs have been reduced

  • Negotiated new contracts with vendors

  • Successfully recruited new students


The funding for Indiana schools has dramatically changed and our only option, after significantly reducing expenses and increasing student enrollment, is to ask voters to vote for a property tax increase.

Here are some examples:

Graph amounts include deductions on home assessed value: homestead, supplemental homestead and mortgage deductions.