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Your cost

Voting YES on May 2nd will fund safety and security measures, continue to provide STEM based learning opportunities for all students, and devote dollars to staff retention and recruitment. Technically, this is not a new referendum, but a RENEWAL. This is simply an extension for 8 years (2023-2031). 

The funding for Indiana schools has dramatically changed and our only option, after reducing expenses and increasing student enrollment, is to ask voters for funding through property taxes. As a reminder, the 2016 operating referendum expires in 2023. A yes vote, in May will simply renew the 2016 referendum and will not increase your rate.

Below is a breakdown of the impact to homeowners in the School City of Mishawaka district based on the market value of their home.

taxpayer chart.png
Individual tax impacts may vary based on specific deductions. Deductions may include homestead, supplemental homestead and mortgage.
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