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Who we are

Our Children Your Future is a group of parents, dedicated citizens and community leaders working hard to inform you and everyone else, about the critical needs of our Mishawaka school system. We want you to know that the referendum on the May 2 election ballot is vital to our city’s future.

You deserve to understand that a YES vote means our Mishawaka schools will continue to receive operating money that is necessary to increase safety and security, upgrade technology and maintain teachers and staffing levels. 

Our Children Your Future

Bill Pemberton, Co-Chair
Woody Emmons, Co-Chair
Mike Wojtysiak, Treasurer

Tracey Bolin
Jerome Calderone
Richard Currey
Amy Foley
Ken Kahlenbeck
Chuck Lehman
Matt Lentsch
Lou Pierce
Holly Parks

John Roggeman
Jen Smith
Dr. Dean Speicher

Dr. Bruce Stahly
Dr. Theodore Stevens

Kate Voelker
Jane Wright

School City of  Mishawaka school board

Holly ParksPresident

Angela Layman, Vice President

Mellissa Johnson, Secretary

William Pemberton, Member


Daivd Weber, Member

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